“It’s time to turn up the volume to 11” – Violet and George Interior Designs featured in The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 24th November 2018, talking about the return of “maximalism” and showcasing our West London Apartment project.

The article was published in the Property section and had an interview with Violet and George’s founder Nicola Mudie:

Our clients are keen to make their interiors less contrived; the want it to look like they’ve inherited a piece here, bought a piece there, found a piece somewhere else. We’re throwing a lot more antiques in. It’s so nice to be able to find those on-off objects that you couldn’t get in a showroom.

She also touches on the practical benefits of antiques over new objects:

They’re readily available, and sometimes they’re super-cheap, too.. I just went to see a client who has some Victorian chairs they’d inherited that were really quite boring, but actually they look fabulous in a bright, punchy velvet.