Soft Furnishings

An empty room is a blank canvas awaiting your own personal vision for it. Turning that space into something with character and appeal – giving it an identity – is what drives us as interior designers. One way to put your personal stamp on a room is through a considered approach to soft furnishings.

Soft furnishings add personality to any space, not just the living room or bedroom. Incorporating textiles into your dining room can hint at modernism, rustic charm or a calming space. With the increasing trend to entertain at home more often, the dining room has become a central part of the home.

The textures you choose for your home can communicate much about your style. Rough or embroidered textures tend to feel contemporary and loose, while smooth textures are rich and refined. In a similar way that cool clothes make us think of summer, delicate, light soft furnishings fabric are a nod to the warmest season. In a similar way, warm, cosy wool reminds us of stormy evenings nestled before the winter fire.

More than just interior artists or designers, we pride ourselves in a personalised service to bring to life what you envision for your space. By incorporating our bespoke soft furnishings services, you can transform your home in no time.

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Soft Furnishings

More than just interior decorators or designers, Violet & George offers a very personal service that captures the unique blend of the property, the person and a vision of what’s possible. It’s an almost intangible fusion of history, personality and inspiration that combine to create the essence of each project. It’s essentially about you and what you want to achieve– not just the colours and textures or the lighting and fabrics, but the way the finished tableau influences your mood and lifestyle.

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