Many of our customers have an incredible imagination, but are held back from committing to design decisions because they are worried about making expensive mistakes. That’s where we come in with the help of an interior mood board. By following our four-point plan below, you’ll not go far wrong.

Here Are A Few Steps To Follow:

  1. Create an interior mood board so you can see how the overall scheme works. Play around with different fabrics and patterns and place everything together so you can see how they sit side-by-side. It will give you confidence and make it easier to decide on colours and patterns.
  2. Discover your own unique taste by spending time on Houzz and Pinterest. Create a concept board and see what you are repeatedly drawn to. Try to see what the theme is so that there is a consistency in the look and feel of the space. Creating an eclectic look is harder than it seems, to ensure there is a central theme to the vision. Don’t jump from country, to urban, to traditional to modern without knowing what the main overall idea is.
  3. Talk to a specialist craftsperson to determine whether to repair, recover or replace items of furniture or not. Recovering furniture is labour intensive and can be expensive so only spend money on items that are worth keeping.
  4. Ask the advice of as many experts that you can. Your curtain maker will be able to introduce you to new designs, textures and colours in fabrics. Your upholsterer too. Your decorator may have photos of interesting colours they have used and can explain how this will influence your space.
    Now that you have the advice and inspiration, let us get to work.

Throw Some Colour Around using your Interior Mood Board

Colour is a very personal taste and a great way to assert your unique personality. At a subconscious level, colour has deep, almost instinctive meaning. Red, for example, signals danger or energy, while blues and greens are more peaceful. Work out what your personality is and then find its complementary colour.

Show Who You Are

Your life is completely unique, so why not draw motivation from significant events that have happened to you. That azure blue lake on your Italian honeymoon; the dusty reds of your time working in Arizona, or how about some cosy warm colours from nights spent in front of the fire during a blustery winter’s evening. Colours, patterns, furniture and accessories can all be used to echo important moments in your life.

Your Interior Mood Board Allows you to Be Daring And Different

Instead of making do with a generic table or chair, consider something with a little bit of character. A hand-cut seat from Bali works just as well as a mass-market stool, but adds extra layers of your life and loves into the interior design language.

An easy way to make your mark is by simply painting your front door a colour that reflects your character. It’s probably the focal point of your home’s exterior façade, so where better to denote your individuality.

If you’ve recently made your home uniquely yours, we’d love to take a look. Tag us on Instagram to share a little bit of you with us and all our followers. Hashtag it #V&G so we don’t miss it.