A New Partnership

From 2022 Violet & George will be partnering with the charity Buzz Women, an NGO that empowers women through education to transform their lives and those of their families and communities. Violet & George will be donating 10% of their annual profits to Buzz Women India to enable the extension of their educational program in Karnataka transforming women’s lives.

Buzz Women India

Buzz Women was founded in India in 2012 by Uthara Narayanan and Dave Jongeneelan with the specific aim of lifting women out of poverty through financial education and personal motivation. They created a unique educational program taking new knowledge and skills to the villages of Karnataka in buses, equipped with a trainer and all the materials needed to teach and learn. Once the women have received their initial training, they continue to receive support, training and guidance through a local anchor woman and monthly meetings known as beehives. The beehives are the beating heart of the movement.


Buzz Women has expanded rapidly in India and the educational model has now also been adopted in the Netherlands, Gambia and Georgia. Alongside financial literacy and self-confidence, new learning programs on entrepreneurship, climate action, health and solidarity have been added to the training.

This was all made possible by the generous help of Art of Philanthropy, who selected and organised this relationship for us here at Violet & George.

The Art of Philanthropy specialise in helping charitable donors and charities to achieve their philanthropic goals.