Greenery symbolises the importance and beauty of natural aesthetics, and according to the practice of fengshui, the colour green is nourishing to your health and well-being as it balances the whole body and brings vibrations of healing from nature to your home decor and health through balancing your connection.

Complementing the fengshui practice is the affirmation from the Pantone colour guru’s themselves who note that the colour green symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a higher purpose.

A diverse green colour palette is a timeless home decor colour trend for every season and can be found as a design feature on everything from wallpapers to cushions; drapes to lampshades. The tones are unlimited, ranging from deep tropicals to pastel hues. But incorporating a specific design trend into an existing interior scheme can be fraught with difficulty.

Thankfully help with your home decor is at hand right here at Violet & George. We pride ourselves in producing bespoke interior design according to your vision. Our ideas include pieces that still stay true to the original vision for the interior, but will seamlessly demonstrate essential design trends of the moment. So far, tropical shades of the colour are a firm favourite among discerning home owners and designers, with hints of the jungle appearing as palm tree patterns and plant-inspired wallpaper. Pairing classic silhouettes with accents of on-trend colours is an easily achieved, elegant combination.

How To Use Green In Your Home Decor

Don’t know which shade green will work best your home? Here are some simple tips on how to incorporate this décor trend:

  • Stick to neutral versions of the colour. Pastels and khaki tones work well in virtually any home interior, regardless of the dominant theme.
  • Use carefully considered accent pieces if you want a subtle hint, maybe on cushions or a throw. For a bolder effect, hanging eye-catching, made to measure curtains, or even laying down a lush carpet or rug will leave everyone in no doubt of your on-trend credentials.
  • You could even bring the natural green of your garden inside by incorporating plants in key focal areas of your home.

We’d love to hear what your ideas and thoughts are about this current décor trend. Leave a comment below, or better still, drop us an email,, call 020 8969 0654, or call in, Violet & George, 57 St Helen’s Gardens, North Kensington, London W10 6LN.