Headings, Pelmets and Poles

Violet & George was born in 2009 out of a passion for exquisite textiles and meaningful, elegant design. Since then, we have become synonymous with luxurious interiors created to reflect and enhance our clients’ individual tastes. We’re ‘new fashioned’, skilled in the traditional crafts of interior decoration and fastidious about attention to detail, but at the same time aware of contemporary trends, taste and technology.

Curtain headings, pelmets and poles are more than furnishings that simply perform a function or supporting role. They create the framework for the window or even the entire room. Depending on the design, the way you hang your curtains will determine the way they fall, drape and form pleats or folds.

That’s why it’s important to choose not only the right kind of curtain fabric but also the structural elements that determine how it hangs. For example, smaller rooms would not necessarily benefit from a pelmet style décor as it can often make the room feel smaller or cluttered. The fold or pleat of your curtaining can be tailored by our seamstress to your own personal style and preference.

Curtains are not only for windows. You can add dimension and detail to your room with draped curtains around a mantle. Or try them around your bed for a sense of grandeur and occasion. Headings, pelmets and poles can be used to draw attention to your curtain material, while eyelet curtains or pole rods often create the effect of higher ceilings and can bring in more light from the window.

But whether you choose eyelet rods for a wave curtain fold, or a triple pleat heading for a more regal and feminine touch, at Violet and George we offer exclusive seamstress services for custom designs and custom fitted pelmets. With our wide selection of fabric samples and pole options, you’re sure to find inspiration.

Headings, Pelmets and Poles

Headings, Pelmets and Poles

Choose a pole to perfectly complement your curtains or ask our seamstresses to design and make a custom-fitted pelmet. We have a vast selection of pole and fabric samples in our North Kensington showroom.

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