Carpets and Rugs

More than just interior decorators or designers, Violet & George offers a very personal service that captures the unique blend of the property, the person and a vision of what’s possible. It’s an almost intangible fusion of history, personality and inspiration that combine to create the essence of each project.

To create the bespoke look and feel you want to achieve, soft furnishings offer the biggest opportunity to put your personal stamp on the design. Carpets and rugs are one way to do that.

There are two main categories of carpets and rugs:

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs originated in the 15th century in countries including Persia, Turkey and Egypt. The elaborate theme and design of the decorative furnishings reflect an artistic snapshot of the people of that time. The cultural creativity in the designs showcases a rich history of the 1500’s and how that style has evolved over time. Now, Persian rugs and carpets are used to make a bold statement in homes across the world.

Modern Carpets

The range of design options in modern carpets and rugs is astonishing. An almost infinite choice of finishes, textures and patterns, modern carpets and rugs offer a bespoke, contemporary feel.

We can source a wide range of bespoke carpets and rugs for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern finish, we can help you achieve it.

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Carpets and Rugs

From stair-runners to intricate Aubussons, sisal runners to sheepskin rugs we have an extensive collection of floor coverings in our showroom in North Kensington. We offer traditional carpeting too and can even create a custom made design to very exacting colour requirements.

To arrange a design consultation and measured survey call 020 8969 0654 or email